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Legend is a series of Art-text, an artwork inspired by a woman legend.
Be inspired by the tale of the woman who dared to dream of a crown and make it a reality. Our stunning artwork, “The Woman Crown,” is a fitting tribute to all women deserving of recognition and a crown of their own. Join us in honoring the legends of women everywhere.”

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Legend of the woman who wished to be crowned

Legend has it that, in a far away kingdom, there lived a beautiful lady named WOMAN. From a young age, she dreamed of being crowned as a queen and her courage and determination supported her to achieve that difficult goal and make her wish come true.

One day, while wandering through the forest, WOMAN stumbled upon a group of ancient ladies who seem to be doing magic spells and incantations. She was captivated by the wisdom of the sages and sought their advice to make her dream a reality. They suggested that she build her own crown, not just any crown, but one that would showcase her inner values and serve as a physical manifestation of her worth. It was to be a crown that would make her truly deserving of being crowned as a woman of distinction… and she did, and she crafted the most beautiful crown: The woman crown.

She decided to forge a simple crown from brass or copper, eschewing the use of gold or precious gems. Instead, she created only a simple base, which she adorned with symbols using needles as if she were shewing each one of her personal values over it. And she started dawning upon the crown from her own life story.

Despite being labeled many times a witch for her wisdom, WOMAN proudly wore an old beaked hat, a symbol of witches, as a legacy of her courage. She recognized the significance of witches and their mission and saw the hat as a daily reminder to push boundaries and challenge societal norms.

The self-aware woman was mindful of her appearance and liked to admire herself in the mirror, feeling beautiful both inside and out. She enjoyed receiving compliments and wanted to pay homage to fashion by incorporating it into her life crown. WOMAN eagerly wove symbols representing her values into the clothes she wore, the high-heeled shoes that caused her discomfort but helped her achieve her goals, and the mysterious bag full of items she collected for her adventures. Her goal was to make herself happy, and in doing so, please also those around her.

In the days of this legend, WOMAN lived in a world of modernity, surrounded by the sounds of communication. She wielded her empathy, grace, and sensibility to spread love and kindness through all her messages, whether joyful, proud, or admiring, and even when her tears flowed with sorrow.

Her love for the earth was unquenchable, and she roamed the world to learn its cultures, to humanize and respect the tides of globalization. Her journeys inspired her to weave a tapestry of her adventures, strengthening her spirit and leading her to look for a brighter tomorrow.

WOMAN wanted a crown fit for a queen, and her heart was overflowing with all that she held dear. Though she spent each day in front of the glow of a computer screen, she never lost sight of her purpose. For many, the hum of technology grows tiresome, but the woman of legend transformed her device into a magic crystal ball, using it to connect with the world, to seek a thousand answers, and to build a future guided by her intuition.

She stopped for a moment to put on makeup, she wanted to look impeccable to show the amulets that occupied the needles with which she showed her concern and care for health. WOMAN learned from a young age to take care of both her own and her surroundings. Concerned about preventing diseases, caring with compassion for those who suffered them, for her dedication to achieving balance of body and mind. She practiced mindfulness, some relaxation rites and, unfortunately, she needed to follow strict diets that made lettuce an essential amulet for her coronation. She adopted a healthy lifestyle accepting the continuous challenge of taking care of herself and those around her.

Close to covering the crown, WOMAN chose to bring music into her life by singing a song. Listening to lyrics and notes that produce so much joy. She invested her passion and energy into every needle and amulet in her life. WOMAN believed that, not only she, but every woman in the world was entitled to hear an “Ole, Ole, and Ole” every day!

She concluded the wreath by crocheting a flower garden, a display of joy, imagination and creativity that she wove dedicated to all women who, like her, could show their own interior.

And when the wise women saw her returning to the forest, wearing her beautiful crown, they felt proud and inspired of WOMAN, who with perseverance, love, courage, and wisdom, did the impossible become possible. WOMAN had already fulfilled her dream, proving that the strength and the realization of every woman deserve the honor of being crowned.


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