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Our purpose: Empowering women​

Cover of the book 'Chief Witch Officer: A Guide to Empowerment and Leadership.' A transformative read on becoming a confident leader using the power of the universe. #ChiefWitchOfficer #Empowerment #Leadership #Magic

We’re excited to share that our book, Chief Witch Officer, has been successfully launched on February 22nd! Our mission with this book is to empower women leadership and provide them with practical guidance to help them succeed.

Since the launch, we’ve received an overwhelmingly positive response from readers who have found the book to be a valuable resource in their professional lives. We’ve also received numerous fantastic ideas on how we can further support women in leadership, which has inspired us to create a unique platform specifically for Chief Witch Officers.

Our platform preserves the timeless wisdom of witches, while adapting to meet the needs of modern-day female leaders. We believe that empowering women in leadership is essential for a better world, and we’re proud to be part of this movement. Join us on this exciting journey to help women unleash their full potential!

Soledad Tamariz


I am Soledad Tamariz, a Spanish entrepreneur, Master in Telecommunications Engineer (MSC), living between London and Madrid.

After many years developing a range of crafts during my spare time, I have achieved my full creativity expression through ceramics, where I have found a new passion.

This has led me to create the Chief Witch Officer Studio with the purpose of creating art for women, from women.


Soledad Tamariz, Chief Witch Officer at Studio, smiling and posing for the camera. She represents art supporting women empowerment and leadership.

Chief Witch Officer Studio

Modeling clay provides a natural and sustainable platform to support women leadership and show the world the importance of empowering every woman.

The profits of Chief Witch Officer artwork are dedicated to women entrepreneurs and women in financial difficulties through the KIVA social lending platform.

A view of the ChiefWitchOfficer Studio. ChiefWitchOfficer Studio, an art studio with a kiln and tools for art creation with a focus on sustainability. #ChiefWitchOfficerStudio #ArtWithAPurpose #SustainableCreations.

Interested? Visit our Art Gallery Collection!

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