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Celebrate the strength and beauty of women everywhere with “Legend,” our series of art-text pieces inspired by powerful female legends. Each work has been crafted with the intention of elevating and empowering women, and recognizing their achievements.

Bellas XL

BELLAS XL is a collection of small sculptures.The purpose to show the leadership of big women in the real world.

BELLAS XL are ceramic bottles that allow women to be valued from their inner taste.

4Elements 4Women

This artwork is composed of four pieces that embrace the energy of the four elements of alchemy.

Natural materials are at the core of this unique artwork: the simplicity of EARTH to form the clay; WATER making the clay malleable allowing creativity, AIR that hardens the clay making the piece stronger; FIRE that turns it into resistant ceramic artwork.

Four elements and a single purpose: represent women values to support female leadership and women’s entrepreneurship

Micro Bellas

A series of mini bellas with the same power than XL Bellas but resizing their bodies

XL Reality

The collection is inspired in famous women immortalised thanks to amazing artist. The dream of XL women who would love to feel the perfection of art, the sensation to pose with her beautiful curvy bodies or, why not, the passion of being kissed by your lover. XL women representing the XL reality of the most pure art.

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