Exhibition ART LAB California, February 2023


1306 Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 

Exhibition: February 1st – 15th, 2023

I’m thrilled to announce that my artwork has been selected for a second exhibition at ArtLab Gallery in Los Angeles! This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase my artwork once again in this prestigious space and connect with the vibrant art community in the city.





Being selected for a second exhibition is a great honor and a validation of the hard work and dedication I’ve put into my art. It’s incredibly exciting to know that my art is going to be displayed once again in such a renowned gallery and that it has resonated with visitors and curators alike.

ArtLab Gallery is known for showcasing innovative and thought-provoking artwork, and I’m honored to be a part of this exhibition alongside other talented artists. It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn and grow as an artist, connect with other creatives, and receive feedback from visitors.

Los Angeles is a city with a rich and diverse art scene, and ArtLab Gallery is at the forefront of this scene. Being exhibited here is not only an honor, but it’s also a fantastic opportunity to connect with art lovers and collectors from all over the world.

Overall, I’m thrilled to have a second chance to exhibit my artwork at ArtLab Gallery, and I’m excited to see how my work has evolved since my last exhibition. I can’t wait to share my art with visitors and to connect with other artists and creatives in this vibrant and dynamic art community.

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